Apranga Group Administration and Logistics Centre, Vilnuis, Lithuania

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Apranga Group administration and logistics centre has unique architecture, highest technical requirements and an A rated energy efficiency class.

The centre consists of a composition of two contrasting structures: the black, monumental, one-storey logistics structure ‘planted’ on the ground, and the ‘soaring’ white three-story administration building.

A geothermal power plant was also used that met the highest ecological requirements.

To make the inside of the centre more related to the outside view, a lot of attention was devoted to the interior and exterior landscape architecture.

To facilate the work processes and contribute to their well-being, it was decided to look into the centre of the building innovatively and to rely on the latests tehnological solutions.

Various Peikko products where used on this project such as PETRA® Slab Hangers, Arnchor Plates, JENKA Lifting System, HPM® Rebar Anchor Bolt, and TERAJOINT®.

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Informacje o projekcie

Wielkość projektu:
15,400 m2
UAB "Darnu Group"
Generalny Wykonawca:
UAB "Mitnija"
JP Architektūra
Rok realizacji dostaw:
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Saulius Grigas

Saulius Grigas

Pardavimų grupės vadovas

Plieninės konstrukcijos, DELTABEAM sijos

Mob. +370 614 40120
[email protected]