Bjärred torg, Bjärred, Lomma Kommun, Sweden

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New and modern square in attractive Bjärred with Peikko's solution in the foundation.

Peikko's solution is of great importance when a new and modern residential area in Lomma municipality is built. With the Peikko PSB® Punching Reinforcement against punching shear failure and shear failure be prevented. The solution has been used in the foundation of the residential buildings.

Bjärred torg is being rebuilt into an attractive and modern area with a large range of services, residential buildings, schools and good transport links. The entire project will have a focus on people and the environment. There will be accessed to get around smoothly as a pedestrian, cyclist or by public transport.

Granitor formerly Midroc has built a several of the residential buildings of Bjärred torg which is designed by JUUL|FROST Arkitekter.

The Brf Residence will be an eye-catching arch-shaped residential building in four floors. The building contains 54 apartments of various sizes. At the front, there will be an inviting and modern square with lots of vegetation and several shops. In the basement there will be a garage that includes charging stations for electric cars.

Behind Brf Residence, on the other side of Norra västkustvägen, Brf Paradhusen will be built. Brf Paradhusen are 16 terraced houses designed to provide a villa quality with closeness to nature, located in the city center.

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Lomma Kommun
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JUUL|FROST Arkitekter
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