Board and pulp mill in Husum, Husum, Sweden

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Peikko is proud to be part of one of Sweden's largest industrial projects.

Metsä Board is increasing its production of cardboard with a new paper machine. To cope with this, Metsä Board invests in a new soda boiler. The entire project with the new paper machine will be an investment of SEK 7.5 billion. The project with the base plate for the new soda boiler was started in mid-2020.

The new paper machine is expected to be in operation at the turn of the year 2022 to then be able to produce 1,400 meters of paper per minute. With the latest investment, the annual production capacity of the carton machine can increase by 200,000 tons per year, from 400,000 tons to 600,000 tons.

Today, Metsä Board's pulp and board factory in Husum produces packaging material for the entire world.

Peikko has a wide range of connections products for precast and cas-in-citu projects. Most of our connection products have been used for this project. To get optimized results, products can be adapted and manufactured according to project-specific wishes as in this project. Peikko has also delivered DELTABEAM®, which is part of the large framework of the project.

As the assembly had a tight deadline, Peikko's solution with PCs® consoles was a given choice as it is adjustable in both horizontal and vertical directions according to design, which provides quick installation and is ready for use without any wedging or welding.

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