C&D Real Estate Shanghai Baoshan Gu Cun assembly project, Shanghai, China

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C&D Real Estate Shanghai Baoshan Gu Cun assembly project is located in plot 06-01, Unit N12-1101, Gu Cun Town, Baoshan District, which covers more than 50% of the water system and green area and takes poetry as the characteristic culture of "one place, one product".

The elegant new Chinese prefabricated buildings will rise amid a vast forest of cherry blossoms and peach blossoms. The total construction land area is 70210.4m².

The project is mainly composed of 11 high-rise houses of 16 to 18 storeys, 19 4-storeys, 6 3-storeys, 1 property house of 2 storeys, centralized underground garage of 1 storeys and several ancillary houses of 1 storeys. The total construction area is about 194121.21m², including 126378.72m² above ground and 64,183m ² underground.

The construction is undertaken by wujian Group, a subsidiary of Shanghai Construction Engineering Group, which is the governing unit of the Strategic Alliance of building industrialization Industry technology Innovation.

Building 2~36# adopts assembled integral sandwich insulation shear wall structure, the prefabrication rate of the project is 40%, the main prefabricated components are prefabricated sandwich insulation wall panels, prefabricated outer wall panels, prefabricated laminated floor slabs, prefabricated balconies, prefabricated bay Windows, prefabricated stairs and other components. Peikko supplied precast wall connectors for the project, which was completed in May 2019.

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Informacje o projekcie

Wielkość projektu:
10,000 m2
建发地产,C&D Real Estate
Generalny Wykonawca:
苏州嘉盛远大建筑工业有限公司,Suzhou Jiasheng Yuanda Construction Industry Co.,LTD
Biuro konstrukcyjne:
上海中森设计院,Shanghai Zhongsen Design Institute
Rok realizacji dostaw:

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