City-Plaza, Germany

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Glass domes present a significant challenge in contemporary glass architecture, demanding ingenuity and expertise. However, amidst this difficulty, exceptional examples like the glass dome located in City Plaza stand out as truly remarkable.

This bustling center, nestled in the vibrant core of Stuttgart, showcases the impressive stability achieved through the implementation of the BESISTA® tension bar system.

BESISTA® tension bars and fork heads, crafted from premium spheroidal graphite cast iron, offer an ideal combination of strength, efficiency, and visual appeal. These components not only ensure the structural integrity of the dome but also seamlessly blend into the overall design, creating an impression of weightlessness. Consequently, the integration of this system allows for an abundance of natural and sustainable illumination, courtesy of the radiant sun.

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Informacje o projekcie

Senator h.c. Rudi Häussler, Stuttgart
KBK, Stuttgart

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Štefan Gavura

Štefan Gavura

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