Comprehensive Care Centres for the Elderly, Spain

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Amancio Ortega Foundation (FAO in Spanish) signed an agreement with the Xunta de Galicia to open seven public residential centres (Comprehensive Care Centres for the Elderly) in seven main Galician cities: A Coruña, Ferrol, Lugo, Ourense, Pontevedra, Santiago de Compostela, and Vigo.

The Amancio Ortega Foundation is carrying out the construction of the seven buildings and will fully equip them for their subsequent integration into the regional public care network for the elderly. The investment estimated by the FAO to carry out this project is 180 million euros.

The seven centres will offer 900 residential spots in total: 150 in Vigo and Coruña, and 120 each in Ourense, Lugo, Santiago, Pontevedra, and Ferrol. These centres will offer innovative services such as psychogeriatric units specializing in the treatment of Alzheimer's and other similar pathologies.

Peikko Spain has actively collaborated with the precast company Grupo Rodiñas, appointed for the execution of the prefabricated concrete structure.

The buildings consist of a basement, ground floor, and 3 floors above ground, with a total built area of approximately 9,500 sq m. The column-to-foundation and column-to-column rigid nodes, as well as the connections between precast walls, have been designed with the Peikko bolted joint system. Likewise, the slabs have been solved with the DELTABEAM® flat hybrid beam system, to maximize free height between floors and facilitate the execution of the building's installations.

The project for these seven centres, in which the concepts of standardisation and sustainability have prevailed, has been developed by the architecture studio Elsa Urquijo Arquitectos S.L.P.

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Informacje o projekcie

Wielkość projektu:
9,500 m2
Fundación Amancio Ortega & Xunta de Galicia
Generalny Wykonawca:
Goa Invest S.A.
Biuro konstrukcyjne:
Reboreda Ingeniería
Elsa Urquijo Arquitectos S.L.P.
Zakład prefabrykacji:
Grupo Rodiñas
Rok realizacji dostaw:
Zakończenie budowy:


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