Darius and Girėnas stadium , Kaunas, Lithuania

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Advanced Peikko Steel Structures and Connections used in a Nationally Significant Project

The seamless incorporation of the modern Darius and Girėnas stadium into the rich tapestry of Kaunas's natural and historical environment, all the while upholding the essence of sportsmanship and aesthetics, presented a multifaceted and arduous undertaking that demanded a significant dedication of resources and labor. The project's designers had to harmonize not only specific UEFA requirements but also design a complex suitable for mass cultural events with particular emphasis on ensuring security.

The Darius and Girėnas stadium, accommodating 15,000 spectators, demanded professional and efficient structural solutions due to its size and architectural elements. The team of specialists from Peikko Lietuva contributed to the successful and smooth implementation of the high-quality project, providing HPKM® column shoes, HPM® anchor bolts, PSB® reinforcement systems, TERAJOINT® Free Movement Joint Systems, and producing non-standard hot-dip galvanized fastening plates.

The use of Peikko solutions ensured a simple, fast, and, most importantly, reliable connection with the precast beams for large-scale and complex reinforced concrete structures. The project featured a unique approach to secure the stadium's stands, as the columns were connected to the beams in a non-traditional way, with a significant number of column shoes integrated into the very structure of the stepped stands.

Additionally, this project utilized non-standard hot-dip galvanized fastening plates manufactured by Peikko Lietuva. Their purpose was to ensure stability in large cross-section reinforced concrete structures by connecting reinforced concrete columns and stepped beams. These were unique products specifically designed and manufactured for this project. Our team of engineers, together with the project architects, developed the most cost-effective solution, which was implemented in our factory and delivered to the construction site. Other custom-made elements for the new stadium were the PSB® reinforcement systems. These excellent, fully concealed systems were designed to reinforce monolithic thin structures or larger precast concrete elements. Another product from Peikko Lietuva, used in the project was the TERAJOINT® Free Movement Joints. The TERAJOINT® Precast Joint System was intended for high-load, high-level and high-quality concrete floors.

We are delighted that Peikko Lietuva was chosen as a partner for such a nationally significant project!

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Informacje o projekcie

Wielkość projektu:
12000 m2
Kauno miesto savivaldybė
Generalny Wykonawca:
Autokausta UAB
Biuro konstrukcyjne:
Kauno savivaldybės įmonė „Kauno planas”
UAB „Archas“
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