Dwell at BayView, Bay View, Wisconsin, USA

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  • Budownictwo mieszkaniowe
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Dwell at BayView was a design build project. It is also the first project in the United States that used the DELTABEAM®. This is a mixed-use building with underground parking, first level commercial space and residential above. Precast provided the structural system for the underground parking, retail areas and the separation to residential. The precast walls that provide the structure on the back of the building have an architectural finish of colored concrete and sandblast.

Informacje o projekcie

Wielkość projektu:
39 000 ft2
HKS Holdings
Generalny Wykonawca:
KBS Construction
Biuro konstrukcyjne:
Structural Dimension (Now Pierce Engineers)
Engberg Anderson
Rok realizacji dostaw:
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Dominic Lemieux, P.Eng.

Dominic Lemieux, P.Eng.

Managing Director

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