Hammerau Bridge, Austria

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Nestled within a breathtaking landscape, the Hammerau Bridge offers much more than just an aesthetically pleasing sight. This pedestrian and cyclist-friendly boardwalk serves as a vital link between the Bavarian municipality of Hammerau and the Austrian municipality of Wals-Siezenheim.


Stretching across a length of 68 meters, this flood-proof bridge represents more than just a physical connection; it symbolizes the unity of people. The structural support of the bridge relies solely on the implementation of BESISTA® tension rod system 540, exemplifying the international application of BESISTA®'s superior tension rod and compression rod systems.

Throughout the planning and construction process, the architects and engineers benefited from the convenience, efficiency, and unwavering reliability of sourcing the rod systems directly from the BESISTA® factory. Their commitment to delivering products of exceptional BESISTA®-quality remains unwavering.

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Biuro konstrukcyjne:
Peter Zeller, DE-Ruhpolding
Zeller u. Romstätter, DE-Traunstein

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Štefan Gavura

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