ICAD Shopping mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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The shopping mall was constructed in the newly developed industrial residential city ICAD in Abu Dhabi industrial area. Peikko Connections for column shoes were selected by the main designer and welcomed by contractor and precaster. The solution enabled the erection of 24 m high columns without temporary supports.


The mall consists of three levels of elegantly laid out space with outlets, offering everything from fashion to cosmetics and consumer electronics. The mall's expansive multicultural foor court offers an intriguing array of international cuisine, alongside with a number of cafes and restaurants. Shopping mall is serving the community of about 100,000 people.

Informacje o projekcie

Ascorp Holdings
Generalny Wykonawca:
Abu Dhabi Precast company
Zakład prefabrykacji:
Abu Dhabi Precast company
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Nirajuthan Selvarajah

Nirajuthan Selvarajah