Longfellow Hotel, Portland, USA

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 DELTABEAM® Used to Solve Structural Challenges in Portland's Longfellow Hotel 

The Longfellow is a boutique hotel located at 754 Congress Street in Portland, Maine, located in the historic West End of Portland. This project, which broke ground in April 2022 and is due to open in Spring 2024, involved the collaboration of several notable companies: Uncommon Hospitality served as the developer, while Allied Cook Construction Corporation served as the contractor. The structural design was executed by Veitas Engineers, while Archetype Architects served as the architectural firm. Fabcon Precast provided the precast slabs for this project.

In New England, the upper wooden floors of many buildings are traditionally supported by steel podium structures. However, the Longfellow Hotel in Portland, Maine, faced a unique challenge: the initially considered conventional steel structure was excessively heavy, leading to concerns about the project's feasibility.

It was decided to use Deltabeam for the structural requirements of the Longfellow Hotel since it can create a shallow assembly when combined with hollow core slabs. The DELTABEAM® composite beams were meticulously designed to perfectly match the depth of the precast slabs while providing seamless integration with the floor structure. This project utilized DELTABEAM® to accommodate both the 8-inch deep mezzanine level and the 16-inch deep transfer level.

DELTABEAM®'s inherent fire-resistant properties eliminated the need for additional fireproofing materials. With Deltabeam's innovative design and exceptional performance, The Longfellow Hotel achieved a remarkable integrated fire rating of two hours on the mezzanine level and three hours on the transfer level.

The Longfellow Hotel is an ideal example of how forward-thinking engineering solutions can solve complicated building challenges, leading to successful results for everyone involved in the project.

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Informacje o projekcie

Wielkość projektu:
3252 m2
Wielkość projektu:
35000 ft2
Uncommon Hopsitality
Generalny Wykonawca:
Allied Cook Construction Corporation
Biuro konstrukcyjne:
Veitas Engineers
Archetype Architects
Zakład prefabrykacji:
Fabcon Precast
Rok realizacji dostaw:
Zakończenie budowy:

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