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New Skansen - a district in Vilnius that amazes with local identity


The New Skansen is a project that echoes Scandinavian style, developing a cozy and modern oasis in the center of Vilnius, in the Šnipiškės district. This territory was known as Skansen in the 19th century, named after an open-air museum in Stockholm.

The name was chosen because the area was creating a district with architecture typical of Vilnius suburbs, featuring folk-style wooden houses, ancient flooring, and entrances to plots. Reviving the old local name, new homes are being created here for modern city dwellers today. All the major points of Vilnius are within reach from The New Skansen and the revitalized quarter becomes an oasis in the center of the city. The architect behind the project is Algirdas Kaušpėdas.

Peikko Lietuva designed and manufactured DELTABEAM® composite beams for this exceptional project, with a combined length of approximately 0.4 km. R90 fire-resistant beams were used in the construction. All beams were installed with a single spacing and attached to the walls with bolted connections.

The use of DELTABEAM® composite beams ensured the installation of even ceilings. Additionally, for this project, 50 units of single-story composite columns were produced. The composite columns were designed with a square cross-section of 200 - 250 mm, with fire resistance after concrete casting at R90/R120.

The incorporation of composite columns in projects allows for a reduction of about 30% in column cross-section compared to traditional reinforced concrete columns and the integrated fire resistance ensures the required fire resistance without additional fireproofing on the construction site.

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22 285 m2
UAB YIT Lietuva
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UAB YIT Lietuva
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MB Inovatyvios konstrukcijos
UAB JP Architektūra
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