Oakhill College Innovation Hub, Castle Hill, Sydney, Australia

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This innovative 4-storey private school building will utilise the latest technology ion hybrid timber construction whilst exposing large quantities of timber both internally and externally.

The timber structure includes glulam beams and columns, CLT walls, steel framing, Strongfloor, DELTABEAM, lightweight pre-clad walls and roof trusses. The Deltabeam system was used in the high service areas of the floor plan to eliminate the need to penetrate through the deep glulam beams. The Strongfloor slab system will allow the design to achieve the required fire and acoustic performance without the need for any additional layers whilst exposing the beautiful timber soffit.

Informacje o projekcie

Generalny Wykonawca:
FDC Construction & Fitout
Biuro konstrukcyjne:
Northrop Consulting Engineers
Architecture BVN
Zakład prefabrykacji:
Viridi Group
Rok realizacji dostaw:

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Harri Onikki


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