Pedestrian and cyclists' bridge, Germany

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The construction of the bridge spanning the Ringstraße in Neu-Ulm, Germany, was undertaken in conjunction with the remarkable Landesgartenschau (State Garden Show).

This architectural marvel serves as a vital link between the public park and the residential area. Stretching an impressive 96 meters, this bridge gracefully soars above the bustling Bundesstraße (federal highway). Its creation owes much to the implementation of the advanced BESISTA® tension rod system 2-540.

The commanding pylons stand tall as the focal point of the suspension, courtesy of the BESISTA® tension rod systems. Adorned with their sleek, pointed design, these pylons add a touch of elegance without obstructing the panoramic view that connects the city and the park.

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Informacje o projekcie

Biuro konstrukcyjne:
Konstruktionsgr. Bauen, DE-Kempten
Karl+Probst, Neu-Ulm

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