Wood City Office Building, Finland

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The Wood City office building is a remarkable example of sustainable design and construction. Peikko PUUCO® hybrid connection in combination with DELTABEAM® have been utilized to achieve optimal outcomes, resulting in a faster, safer and more sustainable building process.

The seven-story office building, with a basement, covers an area of approximately 8,700 square meters, and will house the headquarters of cybersecurity company, F-Secure. The design has been developed in close collaboration with F-Secure, taking into account their requirements for flexible working, sustainable environmental practices and employee well-being.

The building is constructed with wood, used in various forms, including as materials for the exterior walls, wooden frame, upper base, and facade cladding. Glued wood is used as a material in the supporting pillars of the wooden frame, while the load-bearing intermediate base is implemented with CLT tile solutions. The sculptural hall ceiling is also clad with CLT lamella structures made of spruce.

The building's energy solutions reflect a commitment to sustainability and life cycle wisdom. It will be implemented to be energy efficient and utilize renewable energy sources. Upon completion, the building will seek the international LEED Platinum environmental certificate, which reflects its high level of environmental performance.

The ultimate goal of this project is to create a work environment that is in line with the company's culture and operations, offering comfortable spaces where employees can thrive both now and in the future. The Wood City office building serves as an impressive example of sustainable building practices and the use of wood as a versatile and eco-friendly building material.

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Informacje o projekcie

Wielkość projektu:
8700 m2
Generalny Wykonawca:
Biuro konstrukcyjne:
Sweco Oy
Oiva Arkkitehdit Oy
Zakład prefabrykacji:
Stora Enso
Rok realizacji dostaw:
2023 - 2024
Zakończenie budowy: